All the FILM INSPIRES! details


The FILM INSPIRES! workshop is for anyone interested in the film world.  It is absolutely suitable for any level of shooter, whether you are experienced with film or an absolute newbie.  It’s also perfect for the digital shooter who is in a creative rut — it’s good to shake things up a little, to prevent or cure artistic boredom.  And regardless of whether you intend to shoot film on a regular basis, it is a fantastic way to develop a deeper and more organic understanding of photographic technique.


This workshop is designed to inspire you, and to instill in you the confidence to make wonderful and consistent film photographs! It will take you all the way through the creative process, including developing and examining your own workshop negatives.

On the technical side, we will cover not just the basics of how to load and expose your film, but also:

– selecting the right film for your style and purposes

– using light to bring out depth and dimension

– metering correctly and creatively for negative film

– understanding how and when to push and pull your film

– processing your own B&W film, including making adjustments to control highlights and contrast

– reading your negatives to identify and correct any exposure or developing issues

– adjusting and processing your scans

– cataloging and storing your negatives

– incorporating film into your business or personal work

This workshop doesn’t stop at the shutter click; it takes you all the way through the creative process of developing your film, and the great satisfaction of holding your negatives in your hand, made entirely by you, with no computers!  Of course, it wouldn’t be a CJ workshop if it didn’t dig into the stylistic and emotive aspects of artistic photography.  Technique is a great tool, but learning how to use your technique to make your images speak is really the ultimate goal.  We’ll spend plenty of time talking about finding your artistic voice and learning how to express yourself as an artist.


FILM INSPIRES! workshops are very interactive and very small, which enables us to cover a lot of ground in as much detail as possible.  Learning happens in many ways: via exercises designed to get you thinking and force you out of your comfort zone; through targeted discussion designed to get your creative juices flowing; through portfolio critiques, done kindly but thoroughly in-the-round for everyone’s benefit; via a not-yet-for-sale book of how-to and inspiration designed for the casual or serious film shooter; and through a whole lot of laughter and fun.  You don’t come to a workshop to be talked at and bored stiff!

How much?

Tuition varies depending on location, but is always kept as reasonable as possible.  It includes a thorough portfolio review, a Holga medium format camera and up to three rolls of film, B&W film processing, developing and examining negatives from the workshop, and my own film handbook, full of not just the basics, but lots of tips, tricks, and notes I’ve kept over the last several years.  Oh, and drinks and appetizers to kick off the workshop!  It is a LOT of bang for the buck.

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