Fall In Love With Film!

If you’ve been curious about film, or you’ve been wanting to attend a FILM INSPIRES! workshop, I have good news to you. I’ve just finished a big project called Fall In Love With Film, and it covers just about everything you need to know about shooting film. From modern MF and 35mm cameras, to toy and vintage photography, metering for film, getting creative with different techniques, developing film, choosing your gear, trouble shooting…there is a TON of information. It consists of:

– a beautiful 57-page PDF
– seven video segments demonstrating camera loading and film development
– my personal film development notes and data
– two print-sized images for your enjoyment
– if you buy it before Oct 30, you have full access to my Q&A session, and you can ask me any question you’d like.

The price? Tiny. Trust me.

You can find it here, and you don’t need to be a member to buy it. http://www.clickinmoms.com/cmu/archives/5494

Hope you’ll hop on over and check it out!

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