All Women Are Beautiful! Online Workshop

All Women Are Beautiful! That’s what I’m calling my next online workshop, scheduled for March 25 – April 6 (UPDATE!  This workshop will run again June 3 – 15.)   Whether you should portraits, families, seniors, maternity, or boudoir, this workshop is about using lighting, posing, wardrobe, angles, and other elements to create the most flattering photograph possible — without faking it in Photoshop! (If you didn’t read my recent rant, please read my previous blog entry.  If I’m going to rant, I should do my part to counteract the trend!) This workshop will include critique, lessons and assignments, lots of examples, and discussion, and will be a whole lot of fun in the process. We’ll all talk about incorporating a woman’s natural characteristics and your own personal style to go WAY beyond standard, cliched poses. Let’s truly celebrate every woman’s shape, and learn how to make women look and feel their best! For more info, please email, or simply reply below. I do expect this one to fill quickly, so now’s the time!

March 25 – April 6, 2013

June 3 – 15, 2013


Registration is first come, first served, and is currently nearly half full.

Orchid Mei

Orchid Mei

3 thoughts on “All Women Are Beautiful! Online Workshop

  1. Hi CJ – So, how does an online workshop work? Are there set times every day that you have to be online? I’ve never done one of these before, and I have a “day job” that doesn’t allow much flexibility (any?) during the day. Also, are you still doing the FI workshops, and if so when might you be doing another one in Denver?

    Thanks – Greg

    • Greg, thanks for your note! Online workshops are great for allowing flexibility for each participant, particularly since we’ll be operating across several time zones. Each participant will have his or her own thread to post images, assignments, and questions at his or her own pace. I’ll be posting assignments, lessons, examples, and discussions in separate threads as well. So you’re able to post as and when you’re able to do so, with no set hours required for participation. Each participant has full visibility to everyone else’s thread as well, so you can also benefit from feedback and discussion on their posts.

      I will still be doing FI workshops, however I’m traveling too much for others workshops and opportunities to consider doing one until the second half of the year, at the soonest. I’ll post the latest developments and announcements as they become available.

      Hope you’ll join us!

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