I AM AN ARTIST Online Workshop

Announcing the I AM AN ARTIST Workshop!

Rules. Business. Actions. Expectations. Clients. Peer pressure. Blogs. Deadlines. These are all facts of life for most photographers – but sometimes we look around and realize we are no longer creating art. We’re creating work.

This workshop is designed to remove your limitations, self-imposed or otherwise, and to encourage you to shoot more intuitively. To help you create more from your soul and less from your brain. To help you realize that art is not about right or wrong, but about emotion and connection. To give you a safe place to “fail” creatively, because with no risk, there’s no chance of a breakthrough. This workshop is not about making pretty photographs; it’s about making effective ones.

Expect the unexpected, with many assignments designed to challenge you as an artist, as well as feedback to guide you along the way, and some curve balls. Come in with an open mind, and let’s see where your inner voice leads you.

Two week online workshop
September 3 – 14, 2012
Registration is strictly first come, first served
To register, email cjnicolai08@gmail.com

against the storm

Sophia and the storm


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