New Workshop: Film Inspires!

It’s (almost!) 2012, and the new year is bringing a brand new CJ workshop.  It is my absolute pleasure to bring you the FILM INSPIRES! workshop series.  Whether you’re a complete film novice, an experienced film shooter, or a digital shooter in need of a creative boost, this is THE workshop for you.

Why this workshop?  Well, there are certainly a lot of workshops out there, and lots that are starting to incorporate the basics of film shooting.  This one is different.  This creatively-charged workshop will take you all the way from loading your camera, to film selection, to creative metering, to lighting and composing for the look you envision….and then through film shooting, developing, scanning, and printing.  Yes, in this workshop you will see your film all the way through the process.

Included with this workshop, you will receive a copy of my film handbook, a Holga medium format camera and up to three rolls of film (which we will be shooting and developing during the workshop). And much more!

Interested?  See the FILM INSPIRES! links to the right for all the details!

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